Aka Pella
Series featured inHisteria!
Voice actorCree Summer

"What's the dilly-o wit' dat?"

Aka Pella is a character featured on Histeria!, voiced by Cree Summer, and the lone African-American member of the Histeria! Kid Chorus. Unlike her regular companions, Aka wears long pants (not unlike those worn by Yakko Warner of Animaniacs) with her shirt tucked into it, as opposed to the others letting their shirts hang out.

Aka's personality lies in her sassy lingo; she is often delivering comedically-timed insults to any historical figure that the Kid Chorus is currently hanging out with, and frequently talking said person into changing Big Fat Baby's diaper. In later episodes, she showed off even more of her street-smart sassyness and, fitting for her name, sang a lengthy solo to one particular song ("People Wanted Pepper On Their Food" in "Histeria Around the World - Part 1").

Aka, however, never had any solo starring roles, instead mostly appearing in ensemble roles. Her stand-out appearances featured her making fun of General Custer at his last stand, and having spitball wars with Froggo during Rosa Parks' bus ride. Incidentally, she is often Froggo's love interest in fanfiction.

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