Big Fat Baby
Series featured inHisteria!
Voice actorLuke Ruegger

Big Fat Baby (often abbreviated by fans as BFB) is a character featured on Histeria! He is a sidekick to the central character Father Time, frequently accompanying him as he introduces the sketches. In this role, he is a parody of Baby New Year, as he is shown wearing a ribbon dictating the year in which the sketch takes place (Sometimes, BFB also wears a costume appropriate to the era that the kids are visiting. For instance, in Tudor-era England, he wears a court jester costume).

Big Fat Baby is known for the foul odor he carries, caused by his constant pooping in his diaper. As a result of this, usually in sketches where the show's Kid Chorus is shown annoying a historical figure, one of the kids asks the figure in question to change Big Fat Baby's diaper, pointing out that the last time he had a clean diaper was before something that happened a long time ago. For example:

Aka Pella: Big Fat Baby needs a change.
René Descartes: Ooowee! When was the last time this kid got a new diaper?
Aka: Remember when humans first discovered fire?
Descartes: Oui.
Aka: Before that.

(Quite possibly, given that the cast of Histeria! appears to be time-traveling, it is likely that the last time Big Fat Baby's diaper was changed wasn't quite so long ago for them.)

There is actually more than one Big Fat Baby. At times, several Big Fat Babies appear onscreen at once, usually to depict a certain lengthy time period such as the American Revolution. In fact, there have even been several Big Fat Baby Girls who differentiate from the males by way of their pink hair bows and sometimes tanned skin. In addition, various historical figures who appeared on Histeria!, such as Alexander the Great, King Henry VIII, and the semi-regular character Nostradamus, are always depicted as Big Fat Babies whenever they are shown in their infanthood.

The show had an occasional jingle, also used in promos for the show, where Big Fat Baby is shown zooming through a desert chased by Father Time in the style of the Road Runner cartoons. The song that plays in this jingle is a parody of the theme song to The Road Runner Show.

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