Channel Umptee-3
Premiere dateSeptember 13, 1997
# of episodes13
StudioSony Pictures Animation
Seasons on Kids' WB!1997-98

Channel Umptee-3 is an animated series that aired on Kids WB!. It ran for one season and a total of 13 episodes.

The show featured animal character like Ogden Ostrich, Holey Moley (a mole), and Sheldon S. Cargo (a snail) who drive around the world in a van. They ran their own underground television station called Channel Umptee-3. This channel existed between other channels and is broadcast from a mobile station. Each episode tries to focus on a specific topic, but is usually diverted from it and shifted onto another topic; e.g., one episode started out discussing cats, but quickly segued into the subject of ownership (which was the real topic of that show). Meanwhile, “The Frumps” (i.e., Stickley Rickets and his henchmen) would try to shut the station down or increase their own power, but whatever plan they came up with would fail.


Kids WB promo for Channel Umptee-3-0

Kids WB promo for Channel Umptee-3-0

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