Series featured in¡Mucha Lucha!
Voice actorDee Bradley Baker

"I will now show you all what a pasty little nerd can do!"

Doomien is a one-shot villain in a self-titled episode of ¡Mucha Lucha!, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Doomien in his human disguise.

As the episode in question begins, Rikochet and Buena Girl have been working together successfully as a tag team called the BuenaChet All-Stars. But when a bickersome argument between them causes them to break up their team, Buena Girl picks Doomien to be her new partner. At this point, Doomien is disguised as a human and has the appearance of a schoolboy in uniform, the latter of which causes Rikochet to tease him and call him a "pasty little schoolboy nerd". The other students are unsure about Buena Girl's new partner, though, as they've heard the following rumors about him:

Protozoa: I hear he has cobwebs in his underpants.
El Loco Mosquito: They say he eats bats for breakfast!
Cindy Slam: Yeah, but those are just stupid rumors, right? R-right?

When Doomien and Buena Girl, as the Legion of Doomien, finally face off against Rikochet (and his new partner, Snow Pea), Doomien transforms and reveals his true form to everyone - he is, in fact, a demon. He then uses his demonic powers to bring the wrestling ring down to "his world", and proceeds to attack Rikochet in many painful ways. Buena Girl soon realizes she's been wrong to abandon Rikochet like this and immediately jumps into rescue her friend. Furious, Doomien attempts to attack them both.

Doomien is soon defeated by Rikochet and Buena Girl performing their tag team signature move, the BuenaChet All-Star Falling Star Assault, on him. But being a demon, it is unlikely that Doomien was defeated permanently.


In his human disguise, he has black hair with black eyes, a red and gray mask, a business suit and white socks and black shoes, but as a demon he has yellow, his hair being reduced to a tuft, horns, keeps some of his clothes, wings, a tail, sharp teeth, sharp claws and hoof feet

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