Emmitt Roswell
Series featured inDetention
Voice actorBilly West (English)

Junichi Kanemaru (Japanese)

Santiago Ziesmer (German)

Fabio Luciano (Portuguese)

Jaroslaw Boberek (Polish)

In Shareena's absence, Emmit is often the one who takes control over the gang as a deputy leader. Emmit believes in aliens and has a workshop with the name Area 51 that is either used for planning or looking out for aliens. None of the gang takes him seriously particularly Gug. Gug and Emmit often disagree with each other but they both will always agree that Jim Kim is annoying. Shelley Kelly has an obvious crush on him which is a centre of ridicule by Gug. In What do you seance?, Shelley continuously says "I've got a date with Emmit." with him replying "It's not a date!"

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