Jim Kim
Series featured inDetention
Voice actorRoger Eschbacher (English)

Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese)

Robin Kahnmeyer (German)

Clecio Souto (Portuguese)

Jacek Kopczynski (Polish)

Jim Kim is a boy in Detention who is very well known to mimic the superheroes such as Batman.


Jim appears to be of Asian descent, with almond shaped eyes, though his eyes become wider when in shock or in pain. He wears a green shirt, dark green shorts, and black shoes. Peeking out from his backward-faced yellow hat is a bit of purple/grey hair with some almost seen on the back of his head. He also seems to have a small cleft in his lip.


  • He mainly likes Batman out of all superheroes.
    • In one promo for Detention when he gets busted for sneaking out of detention by the real Batman, he claims to like Superman better.
  • He doesn't know how to ride a bike.
  • He wants to be less shy, as revealed in his profile on Kids WB.
  • He has a pet dog, as revealed in his profile on Kids WB.
  • He seems to know how to ride a skateboard.
  • According to Jim himself, if he didn't talk about superheroes or act like him, he'd be an extremely boring person.
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