Pepper Mills
Series featured inHisteria!
Voice actorTress MacNeille

Pepper Mills is a character featured on Histeria!, voiced by Tress MacNeille. She is a hyperactive teenager, almost a polar opposite in terms of personality to co-star Charity Bazaar, driven to adoration for any and all celebrities. As a result of this, she frequently harasses historical celebrities by asking for their autographs. However, Pepper constantly gets these historical figures mixed up with pop cultural celebrities, and it's only when she looks at the autograph she's just been given that she realizes she's made a mistake.

Pepper is occasionally a singer in the Histeria! Kid Chorus, and in fanfiction, she and Toast are often a couple; this was occasionally implied on the show, one example being that in a song about William Shakespeare, she and Toast portrayed Romeo and Juliet. Also, in a sketch about siege warfare in "Big Fat Baby Theatre", Loud mistakenly brings in Pepper when Toast asks for a fan; Pepper promptly hugs Toast and calls him "the dreamiest".

Character jingle lyrics Edit

Hey, if you are a star or celebrity
Then I know a fan, oh man, she'll jump out of her tree
So look out! Here comes Pepper
You'd better run for the hills
She'll try any ruse 'til she gets your autograph
If you refuse it could be your epitaph
You give her the chills, she's Pepper Mills!

People in Pepper's running gag Edit

Actual celebrity Pepper mistook them for Episode
Joan of Arc Sabrina the Teenage Witch "General Sherman's Campsite"
Rosa Parks Whitney Houston "Heroes of Truth and Justice"
Abraham Lincoln Lurch from The Addams Family "The U.S. Civil War - Part 1"
Theodore Roosevelt Winnie the Pooh "The Teddy Roosevelt Show"
Sergei Eisenstein Steven Spielberg "The Russian Revolution"
George Washington Michael Jackson "The American Revolution - Part 1"
Confucious Jackie Chan "China"
Vladimir Lenin John Lennon "Communuts!"
Nikloa Tesla Calista Flockhart "Better Living Through Science"
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elmer Fudd "Hooray for Presidents"
Calvin Coolidge Coolio "20th Century Presidents"
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